Yoga For A Stress Resilient Lifestyle

Hatha Yoga to develop mind body awareness...
My classes focus on developing your ability to synchronize your breathing to the asanas(stretches) when practicing yoga. The yoga practice is enhanced through relaxation and meditation to teach you how to develop greater awareness of everyday encounters so that you can mindfully respond, as opposed to reacting, to whatever life throws your way.
Om Shanti

Enrolling Now

Online enrolment For Spring 2019 Term now open: click here! Enrolment Information My 10 week evening courses start on Monday the 21st and Wednesday the 23rd. Monday courses start at 6pm and 7:45pm and my Wednesday course starts at 6pm. All courses are €80. Fees must be paid at the college and are not transferable to another student. A small fund is available to help those who have difficulty attending a course due to the course fees. Applications for fee waivers must be made to the Principal. For more information please call the college on Tel: 668-4806

A Few Thoughts on Yoga Mats

Please bring your own mat to class. I recommend the Warrior Yoga Mat. Click Here to read the article by another yoga teacher concerning yoga mat experiences.
To purchase the Warrior mat click here.

Supporting Your Yoga Practice

To further enhance what your may learn from my yoga classes, I would like to recommend the following which may help you to develop a more mindful approach to daily life.

Yoga Wisdom - Teachings on Happiness, Peace and Freedom (Audio CD Book) Available on Amazon or iTunes This is a great all round primer the essence of yoga.
The breathing book by Donna Farhi
Light on Life by B.K.S Iyengar

Chair Yoga

Grab a chair and start enjoying the benefits of chair yoga!

I have taught chair yoga sessions at Google, LinkedIn, and many more companies - visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me.

I am also available for 1 to 1 or group chair yoga sessions.

Email me at

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A boat trip at sunrise during sunrise on the Yumunda River during my initial teacher training in Vrindavan, North India. Yoga philosophy states that sunrise is an optimum time to practice meditation.

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