Sivananda Ashram practicing meditative art. Mandala Meditative art which I teach at Ballsbridge and Rathmines Colleges.

Meditative Art For A Stress Resilient Lifestyle

I run meditative art courses at Dublin City's ETBs, and for individuals or groups. Please contact me for further information.

Jordan Peterson: Why You Need Art in Your Life

What is meditative art?

It is 'Yoga' for the Brain! Meditative Mandala art is a practice that enables one to be in the present moment, experiencing the meditative art process unfold with complete awareness while being open to whatever the practice reveals to you. The essence of this meditative art practice is to cultivate an altered state of consciousness enabling one to be free of his or her usual everyday thoughts, worries or preoccupations.

This meditative art practice facilitates you in developing both a feeling of calmness in the body and clarity of mind. Each class starts with a short lecture on Mandalas and their creation, followed by yogic practices such as sankalpa(setting positive intentions) and finally we all practice the meditative drawing of mandalas.

As you meditate you will discover that this method of drawing isn't just about making marks on paper, but a practice that enables you to create a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you cultivating a stress resilient lifestyle. This meditative art practice facilitates you to develop a greater awareness of unsupportive mindsets (unfocused thinking or over-thinking). With this improved self awareness you will manage stress more efficiently and even be more creative in pursuing what you what out of life. This meditative practice also enables you to cultivate a more loving attitude of self-compassion and openness due to greater self-understanding.

This is a meditative practice for anybody whether or not you have art experience. The meditative art we will be creating is Mandala Art (a calming mindful practice). The more you practice this meditative art, the more you will be able to cultivate a state of mindfulness at will.

Course Requirements

You don't have to have any art experience. Bring a sketchpad (no larger than A4) and 1 felt tip pen(size 0.5). You can buy these materials in Easons or Reads on Nassau Street, or any good hobby or art store. I will advise you on additional drawing material, which will not cost much.


"The course opened up a whole new world for me. It gave me the courage to pick up a pen again and just let things flow - without judgement - a real learning point. My colleagues have noticed how relaxed I have become under pressure!"

Thérèse Dunne

My Art Background

I initially trained in art (classical animation) at the Irish School of Animation Ballyfermot, after which I worked in animation. Thereafter I moved to Asia for five years during which I qualified as a Yoga teacher. I trained to an advanced level in yoga and meditation with the Sivananda yogic tradition. Following my initial yoga teacher training, I was drawn to Mavis Gewant's Meditative art course. It was a privilege to learn from her, as she had studied with the famous artist Harish Johari of India.

Like yoga, art, (whether it is Mandala or traditional painting) such as portraiture or landscape, is an important part of my life, and this is why I am committed to learning all I can about yoga and art. In 2016 I had the good fortune to spend a month at London Fine Art Studios, to further develop my interest in art creation. I am also very greatful for participating in many art workshops such as Nicholas Robinson Benedict's Figurative Oil Painting Workshops at (BLOCK T), Carey Clancy and Joe Dunne's painting courses at the Royal Hibernian Academy, and 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' instructed by the renowned artist Dr. Betty Edwards.

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Zentangle Inspired Meditative Art

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