Why Practice Yoga?

Today's world of work can be an experience of rushed stressful living without taking time to really be present and be aware of our actions. Often we find ourselves reacting as opposed to responding to whatever we maybe experiencing in any given moment. Yoga is a useful tool to help us be more present in our daily interactions. Through the regular practice of yoga, one learns to become more aware of oneself, whether its on a physical or mental level. With this cultivated awareness one become more authentic in how one lives his or her life. Yoga enables us to listen to our own inner wisdom, which we often neglect when we are overstretched due to lifes responsibilities.

My yoga sessions focuses on helping the practioner to develop self awareness which enables one to be more mindful of how they live enabling him or her to break unwanted reactive behaviours.

Popular Asanas

Sun Salutations lotus bridge supine stretch shoulderstand plough fish cobra DFD SFB warrior

Websites Relating To The Eight Limbs (Steps) of Yoga

Resources: for a holistic view of the practice of yoga.

Yoga Vocabulary: to help you understand the practice of yoga.

The Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation has a complete and total effect on the entire body. All the plexus of the body are stimulated. The circulatory system is rejuvenated. The pulmonary, nervous systems, digestive organs and the large muscle groups are all affected. It affects each section of the spine and all the other joints of the body. It is used in Hatha Yoga as a warm up exercise and for enhancing the cardiovascular system.

Sun Salutation


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